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Are you searching for Markham movers to organize each phase of moving your home or business without any problems? Let’s see why Available Movers is the company you should trust.

Finding an utterly customer-oriented moving company in Markham has always been a major hassle since affordable rates and efficient service features are uncommon among Markham moving companies.

However, Available Movers, a moving company in Markham, has a solid history of delivering devoted customer care throughout the years. We have been in business locally in Ontario for many years and have distinguished ourselves by forming enduring relationships with clients as movers in Markham and the entire GTA area

Compared to the other moving companies in Markham, Available Movers offers much more than just providing moving services for products of a standard size. Regardless of the size, characteristics, and location of your object, we can safely take care of your items and offer the most responsive and best-quality service. That’s why customers often rate us as one of the best moving companies in Markham.

So, take advantage of our reasonable rates and accurate estimate quotes and benefit from quick and secure assistance from a skilled team of movers Markham. There is no doubt that our fast-moving services will provide an immediate solution to your concerns!

How Do Markham Movers Take Care of Your Possessions?

When it’s time to move your home or business, hiring reliable Markham movers at a reasonable price is what every customer is looking for. The well-trained team at Available Movers can effectively manage your items and handle each package with care and dedication.

Wondering what makes us the best Markham movers? Our movers can handle any type of goods safely, promptly, and comfortably. The reason we manage to handle your items effectively is the great level of experience, skill, and competency we have in carrying out transfers. Keep in mind that along with moving your belongings locally to Markham, we can additionally assist you in wrapping them up and shipping them either long-distance or internationally

Therefore, you can just sit back and relax when you hire our skilled Markham movers. We’ll handle even the hard lifting. Your furniture and possessions will be kept secure by our qualified professionals.

Guaranteed quality and transparent quotes are fundamental principles for our movers Markham. Shrill, high standards don’t translate directly into high charges with us. Instead, since we appreciate the value of fair pricing, we consistently rank among the best moving companies in Markham with a 100% client satisfaction rate.

5 Reasons to Choose Available Movers in Markham

  • A professionally trained team – Our moving team is well-trained to assist you with packing and unpacking your possessions in Markham. They understand the challenges of either local or long-distance relocation and know how to take care of your belongings. 
  • Affordable costs & accurate estimates – The price of our service depends on the distance or the size of your belongings and the complexity of the move. Most importantly, we try to offer accurate estimate quotes as soon as possible.
  • Any distance delivery on time – Our modern moving vehicles guarantee that your items will be delivered on time. Our cheap movers Markham are fully equipped with clean trucks and quality equipment to help you save your precious time.
  • Guaranteed protection – In order to guarantee the safety of your items, we offer packaging materials and moving boxes. This ensures that your belongings arrive at their new location in the same condition as before. This applies to heavy and massive objects too, like pianos, hot tubs, and other items.
  • Last-minute assistance – Within seconds of receiving your call, a member of our professional customer service staff will assist you in resolving any problematic situations without the need for any additional effort from you.

Enjoy Your Next Moving Experience With The Best Markham Moving Company!

Wondering why you should hire movers at Available Movers instead of other movers Markham? The answer is simple — our team of professionals is committed to enhancing the quality of satisfaction for each customer. We make every effort to efficiently streamline the relocation process since we appreciate your time. That’s why most of our customers are return customers.

We take great satisfaction in being the best movers in Markham who work without limits whenever it comes to distance or object dimensions! Our moving experts are more than eager to help you transport your possessions quickly and efficiently. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time for a consultation!

Service Area

Are you planning to relocate to a new home and move your items from one place to another? In this case, planning your move with our local residential service can be the most convenient method. 

Residential moving services at Available Movers include handling all the challenging issues related to moving your furniture and other items in Markham and surrounding regions. Our Markham movers provide a tailored strategy to handle your local moving needs swiftly and securely. What’s better, they won’t hesitate to provide additional services if you want to skip the exhausting process of packing and moving your stuff from one location in Markham to another.

When it comes to moving your business to a new location, a reliable moving company Markham should place a premium on efficiency and quality. Markham movers at our company are aware of the urgency involved with commercial relocation. As a result, we constantly monitor every aspect of the procedure to guarantee that our clients are completely satisfied.

To help you benefit from the advantages of commercial moving, our commercial moving solutions concentrate on optimizing the entire office moving process. Our professional movers will assist you in setting up your new commercial location and relocating your belongings without affecting your business operations.

If you aim to extend your business outside of the country and are looking for moving companies Markham that work internationally, we’re here to help as well! Even though Available Movers is mainly focused on local destinations in the GTA area, such as Markham, we understand that our customers often require moving their items overseas. That’s why we don’t limit the distance — we are focused on precisely managing every aspect of your move.

Even though Available Movers is frequently regarded as the best movers in Markham, if you need to ship belongings across international boundaries, we can do it for you at a price you can afford and with the utmost convenience. Our Markham movers use clean and innovative vehicles to maintain the highest standards while transporting your possessions anywhere securely.

Moving your items long distances can be complicated as it demands more precise planning, patience, time, and money, in addition to higher risks of damaging possessions. However, the team of Available Movers is not worried about distance when it comes to these complications.

We can transport any kind of object across vast distances safely. When compared to other Markham moving companies, Available Movers stands out by providing accurate quotes as soon as possible before you finalize your long-distance move.

As you can see, the core areas of our expertise are local commercial and residential moving services. However, we also offer a variety of other services to reduce your stress and help you navigate the complex moving process.

If you’re a car owner aiming to relocate your vehicle across the city or abroad, you can benefit from our car shipping service. Your automobile will be moved by our qualified auto movers using highly secured trucks and well-tested equipment.

Another additional service we provide is piano moving. We understand that musicians try to take care of their pianos at all costs. Therefore, we usually move pianos with specialized tools and extra care. To transport your piano securely and safely, professional Markham movers will take into account every aspect, including the specifications of the destination.

Additionally, our markham moving company provides expert packing services to help you save time and effort and lower the possibility of your goods being damaged during transportation. By offering wrapping materials, boxes, and other packaging goods, you can be sure that your items are shipped completely safe and sound. Keep in mind that we also offer storage services for those who are unsure about where to keep their belongings before transportation.


Want to know how Available Movers stands out among the rest of the moving companies in Markham? We offer a special deal — a mid-month exclusive offer with 3 different service packages and discounts.

Good for Studios, Bachelors, 1 bedroom apartments & small offices.

The minimum is $390 for 2 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $55 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.

Good for 2-3 bedroom apartments, houses & offices.

The minimum is $650 for 3 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $75 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.

Good for 4-5 bedroom Houses & for most of the commercial moves.

The minimum is $990 for 4 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $95 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.


Most frequent questions and answers

Generally, you don’t need to do any specific preparations for your home before leaving it to our professional movers Markham Ontario. However, it’s best if you take care of the most valuable items and appliances. Make sure to pack everything if you don’t benefit from our packing service. Wrap your items in quality moving supplies, remove artworks from your walls, and make sure to empty drawers to avoid losing any of your belongings.

The assurance that your possessions will be transported safely is the primary factor in choosing a Markham moving company. We offer free, substantial padding to safeguard your furniture and other possessions during loading, unloading, and the actual relocation. Our team is equipped with clean and well-tested trucks to avoid any damage along the way. We load the vehicle effectively and strap the items in place to prevent movement during the route. Most significantly, our team simply takes great care to move your possessions through confined locations without any incidents.

At our Markham moving company, the costs of moving services vary depending on the number of movers, the location, the size and complexity of the items, and the type of service you prefer. Generally, we try to provide you with reasonable prices and accurate quotes. Our estimates are created especially for you due to the extensive range of moving services we provide and the comparatively large geographic area we serve.

To be more precise, the average cost of local movers at Marham varies from $100–120 to $140–170 per hour. Keep in mind that additional services such as storage or wrapping materials come with extra costs.

Yes, we do! We understand that customers frequently inquire about further estimates and whether they can count on the accuracy of their moving quote. As a result, we calculate the moving estimates with a smart online moving cost calculator to make sure that your quote is as precise as possible. Furthermore, you won’t need to wait for days in order to find out your moving estimate. Instead, your cost will be calculated before you finalize your order.


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