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Movers in Scarborough: Get Best-in-class Fair-priced Moving Services

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Are you tired of searching for a company that will turn your relocation to Scarborough into a convenient journey? 

Movers in Scarborough are suggesting great service packages at Available Movers! If you have not heard about us before, you’ve come to the right spot! We’re here to provide end-to-end moving solutions to help you relocate easily and, most importantly, affordably!

Hiring a professional moving company is the best way to avoid headaches regarding the exhausting packing process of your belongings. And for this, all you should do is give us a call, and our movers and packers Scarborough will go above and beyond for you!

Available Movers is a Toronto-based company that suggests multiple moving service packages customizable for every relocation challenge. Our professional moving consultants will provide you with accurate estimates, meaning you can understand how much we charge for specific services.

So, Scarborough citizens, get ready to take advantage of the best moving company services. Our movers in Scarborough Ontario will solve every type of moving problem, no matter the size of the item, distance, or specifications.

How do Movers in Scarborough Take Care Of Your Belongings?

Available Movers isn’t an average moving company offering regular relocation services in Scarborough with the obligation of duty. Instead, we pride ourselves on taking pleasure in helping you turn your challenges into a comfortable and affordable experience.

The company is proud to introduce you to trained and experienced movers and drivers who will take care of your belongings using fully-equipped clean trucks. Our moving company in Scarborough is responsible for wrapping, packing, moving, and unpacking. Considering that your time is a priority for us, we’ll try to identify your needs and follow your requirements precisely in the process of moving.

This means that our packers and movers in Scarborough will arrive on time and deliver your belongings without delays. Our trucks and specific pieces of equipment are specialized in the secure moving of any type of item, including office or home furniture, car, piano, safe, hot tub, or other oversized and overweight items. Therefore, your possessions will be safe and sound with our Scarborough moving company!


What to Expect If You Choose Available Movers Scarborough?

Wondering what we value? Your satisfaction, trust, and time. Each of our services is special in terms of quality and customer orientation. Here’s what you will experience if you choose Available Movers in Scarborough:

  • On-time delivery – Even if you need to move your belongings over a long distance, our Scarborough movers will fulfill all your requests and deliver your possessions on time. 
  • Super-friendly and professional team – We are proud to introduce our specially trained team, which will be your best helpers in moving problems. Our movers in Scarborough will help you to pack, wrap, unpack and arrange all your belongings. 
  • Diverse services – Unlike other Scarborough moving companies, limits don’t exist for us! We have a customizable relocation plan for each customer. So no matter what you need to move, our movers in Scarborough will take care of it.
  • Guaranteed safety – Our team is equipped with the highest quality pieces of equipment and clean trucks which can move your possessions on any type of road. No matter the item type or size, our Scarborough moving company is fully responsible for its safe delivery.
  • Fair prices – Unlike average moving companies in Scarborough (not only, but we also operate across the whole of Toronto), the combination of quality with affordable prices is one of our competitive advantages. Don’t worry if your belongings require specific caution. Our cheap movers Scarborough will relocate them at reasonable prices.
  • Last-minute service – We recommend planning every detail about your moving beforehand. Still, if you have an emergency, our support team will send you movers in Scarborough to solve your problem immediately

Schedule Your Next Move with Scarborough Movers Now!

Let’s make a bold statement — you and your satisfaction are our top priority. This is why every feature of our service packages is maximally customized to meet any type of moving needs.

So guess what? If you’re facing a moving problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call right now and streamline your relocation with us. Our movers in Scarborough will arrive on time, help you pack and wrap all your belongings, and deliver them safely to your new place. So, let’s create the most comfortable moving experience together!

Service Area

Moving all your home belongings requires hard work and patience, making the local residential moving process a tiring nightmare. However, our professional team is here to help you! Available Movers Scarborough is ready to wrap, disassemble, and deliver all your belongings on time.

If you trust us — moving to your new home will be more enjoyable with our furniture movers Scarborough than you could have imagined. Keep in mind that residential moving services are only available in Ontario and nearby areas.

The most tricky part of moving your business is, indeed, avoiding wasted time. But with Available Movers, you’re guaranteed to quickly solve commercial moving problems! 

Our local commercial movers will take care of all types of office furniture and move it to your new place without a single scratch. As a result, commercial relocation won’t threaten your business, as we will deliver everything on time and even help you unwrap and arrange items in your new office if needed.

Our moving company in Scarborough is proud to claim that our services are available for all types of relocation. Considering that some of our Canadian customers are also interested in international moving, we’ve decided to add moving services overseas since time and distance do not represent a barrier for us.

That’s why our highest-quality trucks and professional movers are by your side wherever you are! We accept worldwide standards and consider every individual requirement of customers.

Unlike local moving services, long-distance requires more additional requirements, including delivery time, emergency equipment, and more trained team and transportation. Available Movers can provide all of it with guaranteed safety and comfort

Want to know why we’re considered the best among moving companies Scarborough? Well, it’s because long distance does not mean a longer delivery time or lower service quality for us!

Since we claim to be the most customer-oriented movers in Scarborough, we’ve decided to maximize the diversity of services and provide additional advantages such as car shipping, piano moving, packing, wrapping, moving boxes, and storage services.

If you want to deliver your piano safely, our professional Scarborough movers are fully equipped with the highest quality trucks, dollies, elastics, cords, straps, and moving pads. Besides, you also have the option of safe and fast car shipping since we understand the effort and energy shipping your car requires without professional movers.

What’s more, you can take advantage of specialized containers and wrapping materials to relocate your belongings more smoothly with our moving company in Scarborough. Moving boxes Scarborough is another additional service to protect any type of item from scratches and breakage. And if you find it challenging to decide where to store your belongings, we can help you with storage services at our fully-equipped warehouses.


Want to know how Available Movers stands out among the rest of the moving companies in Scarborough? We offer a special deal — a mid-month exclusive offer with 3 different service packages and discounts.

Good for Studios, Bachelors, 1 bedroom apartments & small offices.

The minimum is $390 for 2 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $55 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.

Good for 2-3 bedroom apartments, houses & offices.

The minimum is $650 for 3 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $75 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.

Good for 4-5 bedroom Houses & for most of the commercial moves.

The minimum is $990 for 4 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $95 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.


Most frequent questions and answers

The cheapest way to move your belongings in Scarborough is to plan a relocation in advance with a trustworthy moving company. If you take advantage of Available Movers, you can purchase different service packages according to your needs. For instance, you can rent multiple trucks with movers or just use moving containers.

Moving costs depend on the size of the item and the distance. The average price to hire a mover in Scarborough starts at $1,400 and goes up to $2,500. If you need to move possessions over long distances, the price goes up to $6,000.

Even though our moving company Scarborough suggests last-minute service, we recommend you call us and specify all the details 2 months before the move. In this case, our movers in Scarborough will be able to get ready and accept all your relocation requests.

Yes, you can! If you have an unforeseen case and need to postpone or cancel your move, our support team will take care of it. Do not feel awkward because if you notify us in time, our team will accept your request, change the dates, or cancel it altogether.


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