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Looking for a trustworthy company for a simple and convenient move in Mississauga?

Available Movers is often referred to as a reputable company with a proven competitive advantage. Our Mississauga movers stand out with customizable plans and accurate estimates, regardless of the type of your item.

Considering that our professional movers in Mississauga value your time, we deliver your possessions on time, no matter the size or moving distance. In particular, our Mississauga moving services include the relocation of regular or oversized and overweight items such as home and office furniture, cars, pianos, safes, hot tubs, and more. Besides, our friendly team of trained movers will serve you with our fully-equipped and clean trucks. 

That’s how we make sure to turn your relocation into an enjoyable experience!

Overview: Moving Your Belongings in Mississauga

Have you ever come across Mississauga moving companies that are completely transparent about their estimates? Well, regardless of our diverse services, Mississauga movers specialize in providing accurate quotes when it comes to determining the cost of our moving services.

Generally, they take care of your belongings using clean trucks that are ready and tested for any type of road. As a result, our movers Mississauga can move your belongings any distance without delay. Additionally, our team is equipped with all the necessary and additional tools to avoid any obstacles in the process of moving your items.

Some of the reasons why our customers consider the team of Available Movers the best movers Mississauga are that they’re ready for any emergency or unexpected occasion. For extra convenience, our moving services Mississauga include additional helpful services as well, such as packing and moving boxes. This means that our movers can even wrap your items, pack them, and move quickly to deliver them on time. 

Benefits of Available Movers: Your Go-To Mississauga Movers!

Wondering why you should stop looking for moving companies Mississauga right away and choose Available Movers? Let’s take a look at the benefits of our company, service, and team:

  • Guaranteed safety – Being equipped with quality transportation and all the necessary moving supplies helps our Mississauga movers safely transport your belongings at any distance. 
  • Flexibility – Even if Ontario isn’t the only destination where you want to transport your belongings, we’re flexible! Other than moving trucks Mississauga, you can hire professionals for international and long-distance moving as well.
  • Professional team – Our movers and packers Mississauga accept the highest standards of professionalism. They are specially trained to provide accurate estimates and are equipped for any occasion.
  • Personalized service plan – We are ready for any occasion. Available Movers is among the moving companies Mississauga that offer customized plans based on the customers’ needs. 
  • Last-minute service – If you have an emergency situation, our team will help you immediately. We know how difficult moving van rental Mississauga is. This emergency service will solve this problem as soon as possible!
Service Area

Residential moving is the most highly demanded service among our local Mississauga moving services. Why? Because the worst part of regular residential moving is indeed wrapping all your belongings to move. However, movers in Mississauga Ontario can turn this boring experience into a comfortable journey. 

You are only required to confirm the detailed plan with our customer support team and wait for our packers and movers Mississauga to arrive at your house. We will not only provide you with relocation services, but we will also assist you in arranging all of your furniture for your new home. Our flexible last-minute residential moving services are extremely convenient for all types of Mississauga residents.

The best feature of our office movers Mississauga is flexibility. We know how difficult a relocation is for any business, as it requires a pause in the process and might increase your costs or lead to further issues at the workplace. However, if you plan commercial moving with Available Movers, you will be able to handle all of these issues without incurring any additional costs.

Our Mississauga moving company will take care of your office belongings with full responsibility. Keep in mind that the type of business is not a barrier for us. No matter if it is a coffee shop or a lab, we can provide safe commercial moving for Mississauga citizens.

Although our customers often consider us cheap movers Mississauga, we provide international moving services too. Still, you might hesitate when it comes to choosing a moving company Mississauga with a focus on local service. If that’s the case, we’re proud to share the competitive advantages of Available Movers with you. 

In simple terms, we have diverse services at reasonable costs. Our team consists of professional movers Mississauga with the highest quality equipment as well as clean and modern trucks. As a result, whether you rent a truck Mississauga or for an international move, we can provide you with the best transportation service. 

Our moving service is also a suitable choice for a long-distance relocation. The reason is that our team of professional movers is equipped with quality moving supplies Mississauga and technically tested vehicles. 

Therefore, we’re fully responsible for moving any type of item over a long distance without any delay or damage. You can even hire multiple movers from our team at the same time to ensure a faster delivery. Either way, you won’t have to worry about the issues regarding distance if you choose movers and packers Mississauga at Available Movers.

Do you feel that our residential and commercial moving services aren’t enough for your moving needs? If so, don’t worry because we also provide various additional services to help you streamline your relocation completely! 

For instance, if you have a car and are looking for the most affordable way to ship it, you can take advantage of our car shipping service — we offer specific equipment for the safe delivery of your car at any distance. Or, if you’re worried about the safe transportation of your piano, our Mississauga movers will arrive at your place with all the necessary equipment to safely wrap, move, and deliver your piano without a single scratch.

Packing is another additional service for those who have to handle moving houses or office furniture all alone. What’s more, wrapping, moving boxes, and packing massive items is also an option with our moving services Mississauga with the help of trained movers and packers Mississauga. Last but not least, you can take advantage of our storage services if you have trouble finding a place to store your belongings.


Want to know how Available Movers stands out among the rest of the moving companies in Mississauga? We offer a special deal — a mid-month exclusive offer with 3 different service packages and discounts.

Good for Studios, Bachelors, 1 bedroom apartments & small offices.

The minimum is $390 for 2 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $55 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.

Good for 2-3 bedroom apartments, houses & offices.

The minimum is $650 for 3 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $75 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.

Good for 4-5 bedroom Houses & for most of the commercial moves.

The minimum is $990 for 4 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $95 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our moving service Mississauga does not come with a fixed price. Instead, moving estimates depend on two factors: distance and item size. If the customer has additional requirements, prices from Mississauga moving companies will increase.

On average, it costs $60 per hour to move an average item. The highest price for Mississauga movers is $80 per hour. If you have to move massive furniture, it may cost from $870 to $2,300 in total.

All types of Mississauga moving companies tend to plan the relocation process in advance. Therefore, before taking advantage of moving services Mississauga, you will need to notify them about ordering 3 months in advance if it is possible. 

This will make it easier to plan the relocation in detail. Ideally, a customer should schedule relocation and confirm every detail with Mississauga movers 3-4 weeks before the move.

The best moving companies Mississauga suggest using the highest quality equipment to transport your items with appropriate storage space. Our moving company will provide you with the relevant size of packing boxes Mississauga, so you don’t need to have any wrapping materials.

Mississauga moving companies do not require you to pay upfront. But if customers want to pay in advance, it will not cause any problems. From the general recommendations, it is better to pay the agreed amount to movers Mississauga upon delivery.

This will give the customer a chance to have control over the relocation process and adequately rate the quality. So, either paying beforehand or upon delivery is possible with Mississauga moving companies.


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