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Movers in North York: End-to-end Moving Solutions With No Hidden Costs

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Do you want to make your move a stress-free and pleasant experience? Then it’s time to streamline your moving process with Available Movers!

Available Movers isn’t just average North York movers offering standardized moving services. Instead, we stand out in the entire industry by having years of experience in local moving services in Ontario. Our super-friendly team goes above and beyond to move your belongings in a short period of time, with guaranteed safety and, most importantly, at reasonable prices. 

It is notable that the demand for relocation services in North York rapidly increases. Therefore, we aim to help our customers enjoy a pleasant and comfortable moving-in experience. So, take advantage of the quality services of our best movers in North York to avoid any concerns in your moving process!

How We Move Your Possessions in North York

As our customers tend to say, limits do not exist for the Available Movers! And indeed — it is our pleasure to help you relocate any size item. Whether it be furniture, office equipment, a car, or other specific items, we will take care of them with the highest quality straps and other needed equipment. We will deliver your possessions without any damage, with guaranteed safety. 

Our team of GTA North York movers is equipped with modern gear. Besides, we have the best quality trucks characterized by high-end features and all the necessities, including the highest level of safety and technology features. 

The thing that makes us exceptional among moving companies in North York is that our highest standards of quality do not require higher costs. We are a customer-oriented North York moving company that prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction. Still, that’s not everything! With our relocation service, we will pack, unpack, and arrange your belongings as you wish!

What Makes Available Movers Stand Out

  • Highest-quality service – Even though there are a lot of movers in North York offering different services, our team is completely prepared for any type of unexpected occasion with the best quality trucks, modern equipment, and trained team members.
  • Professional and super-friendly team – We value quality which is why we constantly improve the level of competence of employees. Each mover and driver is trained to provide you with the best service among other North York moving companies.
  • Last-minute service – This is the main specialty of our company. We can solve your emergency problems on time. All you need to do is to give us a call and movers North York will help you immediately. 

Affordable prices – high quality does not mean that it is not affordable. According to the moving distance and size of the item, our moving company North York will suggest you the most affordable prices.

Take Advantage of Carefree North York Movers

If you look at our services, you’ll easily understand that we don’t offer the typical moving services that the rest of the moving companies in North York do. We show you our real competitive advantages where service expectations are relevant to reality. 

That’s why you can be sure that Available Movers will make your moving experience carefree and comfortable! So, don’t hesitate to give us a call and book your desired service with our metropolitan movers in North York. Still, in case you’re worried about something, you can contact our customer support and let us know your concerns.

Service Area

Thanks to our local residential moving services, you can easily overcome the long and exhausting process of relocation. North York movers at our company offer flexible and affordable residential relocation in the entire province of Ontario.

Keep in mind that the amount of furniture that requires moving isn’t really an obstacle. Our friendly team of professional movers can take care of the entire process, including wrapping, moving, and unpacking your household belongings. We guarantee that the team will start working on time and will deliver all your possessions safely.

If you’re looking for local commercial movers North York, Available Movers has got you covered as well! Relocating your office equipment, restaurant, hotel, or other types of business equipment has never been a big deal for us. We provide a safe move of specific pieces of equipment, such as a lab, technical equipment, or a wide range of other types of belongings.

In simple words, any type of manufacturing equipment is safe with us! Our movers in North York will relocate your business to North York City and any other nearby places in Ontario.

Even though our movers in North York are mostly focused on local services in Ontario, we understand that sometimes our customers need to relocate their belongings outside Canada. That’s why we decided to provide international moving as an additional service.  

Therefore, when it comes to long distances, you can choose our moving company in North York to solve all your international relocation problems without a second thought. Our North York movers take care of the process using modern vehicles with the highest quality containers, which will ensure safety no matter the distance or type of road.

The distance will never be a barrier for our movers in North York! Our North York moving company is fully equipped with the highest quality trucks and containers to deliver your belongings to any destination without damaging them on the long road.

Based on your requirements, we can send you several movers to provide long-distance delivery on time. The reason is that we understand that long-distance moving is a challenging process that requires proper planning and attention to avoid any last-minute surprises. Considering this, our trained team of professional North York movers will plan everything in advance with you!

Although commercial and residential moving are our main specialties, our customers often require additional services along the way, such as piano moving, car shipping, or wrapping specific materials.

If you also need to move your piano with guaranteed safety, take advantage of our movers in North York (and across the whole of Toronto), as we have all the needed equipment to deliver your piano without any damage. We understand how difficult it is to move long distances, but our moving company North York takes every responsibility for safety.

The same applies to our car shipping service. We are proud to introduce you to our specialized team, which has all the necessary pieces of equipment to deliver your car to any destination.

What’s more, our cheap movers North York provide other additional services too, such as  packing and unpacking, wrapping your materials, and moving any size of box. Additionally, we can also offer storage services for those who haven’t decided where to put their belongings before relocation.


Want to know how Available Movers stands out among the rest of the moving companies in North York? We offer a special deal — a mid-month exclusive offer with 3 different service packages and discounts.

Good for Studios, Bachelors, 1 bedroom apartments & small offices.

The minimum is $390 for 2 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $55 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.

Good for 2-3 bedroom apartments, houses & offices.

The minimum is $650 for 3 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $75 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.

Good for 4-5 bedroom Houses & for most of the commercial moves.

The minimum is $990 for 4 Hours of Service.

After the minimum, there is $95 for every additional 1/2 hour for the labour only.
For more detailed information please fill out a quote request form or give us a call.
This offer only applies the time frame from the 5th day of every month until the 26th.


Most frequent questions and answers

The cost of movers in North York depends on the distance and size of the item. In general, prices are quite high. For example, if you select a service with 2 movers, it will cost $720. But the price will be higher if your belongings are larger. The hourly rate of having a single mover for small item relocation costs about $80.

Yes, you can! The customer support team will help you to avoid awkward situations and set your moving plans exactly. If there is some unexpected occasion and you need to postpone your move, you have to immediately call the support team and they will help you change the date or cancel it. 

The moving estimates without movers in North York are mainly accurate. We say this mainly because there’s no guarantee of 100% accuracy when it comes to relocation services. 

In fact, it depends on a wide range of factors, such as what items you’d like to move, how many movers you need, and the logistics required in the process. Still, most of our estimates tend to be as accurate as possible.

If you wish to express your gratitude towards our qualified North York movers, you can offer them an additional tip. 

While there’s no particular requirement regarding the amount of your tip, most of our customers tip the movers $4-5 for each hour they helped in the relocation process. This means that if a mover worked 3 hours for you, ideally, you should tip them $12-15 to show your appreciation.


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